IPSB College has been helping clients relieve pain and reduce stress through highly effective massage therapy for over 30 years! Established in 1977. The IPSB College Massage Therapy Clinic provides an opportunity for clients to experience the accumulated knowledge and skills gained by students from intensive study while at IPSB College. 

The IPSB Massage Therapy Clinic is a learning community dedicated to improving personal health and wellness through therapeutic massage. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations by personalizing each session to meet their individual needs in a safe, relaxing and supportive environment with our trained student therapists. Each massage takes place in a soothing, private treatment room, with relaxing music, the latest massage therapy tables, lotions and oils, and utilizes appropriate draping procedures in respect for clients' personal boundaries. We encourage you to receive treatments on a regular basis to enjoy the optimum benefits that massage therapy has to offer.

Every student has been expertly trained by masters within the following styles:

Custom Integrative


Deep Tissue

Sensory Repatterning